church wedding flower

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This church wedding flower design begins with leather leaf fern.  This is a common staple in almost every flower shop because it's inexpensive and fills out designs beautifully.  A common grower's bunch usually contains between 18 - 23 stems.  

You'll see why I put this on a elevations (in this case, a large can of green beans!  LOL).  I want my side greenery arching downward like a natural plant grows.  It looks better in the design and helps conceal the mechanics of the flower design when you are finished.

You really can get a lot of mileage out of a single bunch of leather leaf fern. It only takes about five stems (out of a 25 stem bunch) to green this in lightly with leather.

Continue greening in around this church wedding flower design.  Angle downward, the moving the angle of the greenery insertion to straight out - and then pointing straight up on the top.

You can see when finished it imitates the natural look of a growing fern after you are finished.

Usually when I create large florals for the front of a wedding church, I like to create mirror designs, one for each side of the church.  Mirror designs can mean they are either very alike, or that they "mirror" each other.  One angling off to the right means the second design angles off to the left.

It helps if you design both at the same time rather than one at a time.  The same insertions on each design makes it much easier to keep them the same width and height.

Before I move on to adding flowers, I usually spray the greens with a product called Leafshine.  Sometimes greens have a splotchy white residue from being rinsed with hard water or a dusty look from excess pollen.  Leafshine leaves a glossy clean look that keeps your designs looking clean and polished.

You can also use the remainder of the can on houseplants, for the same look.

Now I've popped the design on top of one of the pillar candle stands so you can get a feel for the final look.

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