church flower stand

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This church flower stand needs to be large enough to create a lovely backdrop for the bridal party. 

To finish greening this standing with Jade greens, you'll need to cut the leaves into shorter sections as you move into the middle of the Oasis Floracage.

Like the outer leaves, work by inserting into the center and following the natural curve of the leaves in an outward manner.

Go in a circular pattern, making sure to cover both sides, top and bottom of the cage.

Cut a small short piece as show to plant directly in the center, coming straight out at you.  This is what gives the design dimension and depth.

Now our church flower stand is beginning to take shape.  The broad leaves of the jade fern should take advantage of their natural curves and shape to form the outer framing.

You can add more interest by using a variety of different common florist greens.  Leather leaf fern is a staple in every flower shop.  They are bundled by weight, usually averaging between 15 - 20 stems per bunch depending on the size of the leaves.

This type of fern is also great for bouquets, corsages and centerpieces.

I cut the stem shorter and inserted some leather leaf in the bottom of the design.  Begin by looking for open spaces in the greenery to fill in, gradually concealing the caged foam.

Note that I'm making these leaves shorter and inserting closer to the center of the foam cage.

Have fun, accentuating the graceful bends and arc of each individual leaf.

Don't forget to fill in laterally from the sides, making sure that your greens begin to tilt inward.  You don't want a flat faced design when viewed from the side.  Instead - go for angles that eventually move to the center of the cage sticking straight out towards you.

Once you've finished filling your church wedding stand out with leather leaf fern, you can add other interesting foliages.

Ming Fern is a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement or bouquet.  Light and airy sprigs shoot off from a central branch.  Cut this fern into manageable pieces to fill in gaps and holes in your greened design.

I start by tucking a short piece into the center of the cage, burying it deep among the greens to give a feeling of depth with a different green color.

Insert more pieces on the sides of the arrangement.  Remember - we want this stand to look beautiful and complete from a 3/4 view.

Do the same on the opposite side.  Ming can fill in those gaps pretty quickly.

Once finished with the ming, I'm now going to add an airy touch with another fern called plumosa.

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