Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

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You can use any small headed flower instead of spray carnations for the secondary flower in this design, including freesia, alstromeria, cornflowers, thistle, button pomps, miniature calla lilies, hypericum berries, nerine lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums, or clusters of bouvardia.

Cut the spray flower heads apart, leaving as long a stem as you can.  You can cut down to the proper length right before inserting into the arrangement.

Begin by inserting the lower flowers at a slightly downward angle, just like you did with the snapdragons.

Insert the other carnations straight up at the center and begin slanting outwards as you move out towards the edges.

Put some of the flower heads out level with the snapdragon ends and bury some a little deeper to create the illusion of depth.

See out the flowers begin to point outwards, pushing all stems towards the direct center of the bouquet.

Don't leave out the partially closed buds and the tightly closed buds.  These will continue to open as long as they have a constant water source.

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