Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

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As you continue to add miniature carnations, you continually look for open spots between other flowers.

Look on both sides of the design, especially if this centerpiece is to be viewed from all sides (as in a table arrangement.)

The flowers on the ends will need to be longer than the ones on the sides, top and middle.

Miniature carnations are sometimes scorned by today's bride as being "too common".  Don't let the price fool you.  This inexpensive little flower is a great bargain and comes in a large selection of colors.

It fills out a centerpiece beautifully and works well to keep a budget in rein when doing a large amount of table decorations.

The design fills in quickly.  I often do centerpieces like this one as an "assembly line" - placing all the same flowers in many centerpieces at the same time.  This is easier to do if you have a long table set up with the greened pieces all in a row.

This helps keep the centerpieces looking uniform.

You can see a smooth domed shape emerging as you add more flowers.

Don't forget the spots down low.  These flowers are in direct line of site when your guests are seated.

I always angle the stem slightly upward so that the flower heads on the bottom point towards the tabletop.

Working carefully when inserting flowers under others already in the design, taking care that you don't bump, bruise or snap off the other flower heads.

Even once all the carnations are in place, you'll see there are plenty of open places to insert my focal flowers (in this tutorial white roses).

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