wedding canopy decorations

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Once the canopy decorations are now framed in wood and covered with chicken wire, attach them to the canopy or chuppah with zip ties or paddle wire. 

Now comes the fun part of choosing the flowers, greenery and other hanging decor.  Keep in mind that a good designer always takes care to cover the mechanics.  You want your guests focused on the beauty of the design, not glimpses of of chicken wire or wood frames peeking through the gaps!

If choosing your artificial flowers online, be sure to inspect the closeup photos.  Jagged and frayed edges are a clear indication of a cheaply made flower.  Look for quality blooms that have sharp cuts, realistic looking stems and true flower colors.

Most artificial flowers travel a long way from the manufacturer (often in China) to your home.  You may be dismayed to see the tightly packed flowers arrive looking crumpled and creased.  Start by carefully pulling the wired stems apart, spreading the bush so it is more open.

Use a hair dryer on a warm setting and the blow the warm air directly on the flower heads.  You'll find the flower begins to relax and open up, looking more natural and ready to use in your wedding designs!

Paying attention to this type of detail is worth your time, as your flowers will look more natural and realistic in your designs.

Here are some flower and greenery choices to get you started.  Many come in more than one color.  Consider using a mix of colors or different shades and hues in different flower varieties.  When buying online, read the descriptions (and reviews!) carefully. 

Cheapest are not usually the most realistic looking.  Keep in mind that you can easily sell your flower decorations later through E-bay, Craig's List or even Facebook.  I always advise choosing realistic colors with larger heads for outdoor decor.

single variety flower heads

Wisteria (8 Colors)

Phalaenopis Orchids (8 Colors)

Peonies (12 colors)

Roses (8 colors)

Hydrangeas ( 13 colors)

Hibiscus (8 Colors) 

Campanula (5 Colors)


Berries (4 Colors)

Carnations (7 colors)

Daisies (6 colors)

Baby's Breath (9 Colors)

Cherry Blossoms (3 Colors)

Lavender (9 colors)

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus Leaves

Hanging Hops

Blue Eucalyptus

artificial mixed flower bushes

Artificial Bush #1 (5 Pastel Shades)

Bush #2 (4 Bright Shades)

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