wedding canopy decorations

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The canopy decorations can now be flowered in.  Long hanging flowers, such as wisteria or orchids, can give a long, draping effect, while large, single flower can fill in nicely and be seen by the guests seated 15 to 20 feet away.  At this point, it's a matter of your own creativeness and color choices.

Bend the end of the artificial flower stem over like a hook, using a pair of pliers.  You can shorten the stems if needed, but experiment first before being too quick to cut off much length.

Simply hang the flower in the holes of the chicken wire.  The bent stems should be within the wooden frame, with the backside hidden by the canopy cover.

Staggering the lengths will add more visual interest.  Hanging them in a straight row so they are exactly the same length looks unnatural.  

You may want the center flowers to hang higher, forming a frame around the heads of the officiant and the bride and groom.  I tend to add one flower variety at a time, so to evenly distribute the color and variety over the entire design.

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