calla lily bridal bouquets

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Calla lily bridal bouquets using the standards (rather than the smaller miniature callas) have to overcome some difficulty.  The stems usually range from 1.5" (or larger).  Callas are very water loving, but the stems take up a lot of room in a bouquet holder.  To create this look, you will need to cut the stems shorter and tape a wooden stake to the calla that inserts into the foam insteam of the calla stem.

If you prefer to create this look as an arm bouquet, check out this calla bouquet tutorial and arrange as shown in the photo below.

To create this look, you'll need the following products and fresh flowers:

Be sure to read and follow the directions on processing wholesale wedding flowers.  This is important - don't skip this.

Florist sometimes roll callas in brown paper, leaving the bottom stems showing so this can rest in water.  Calla lilies are extremely water loving, so you must take care to keep as much water in the stem as possible.

Callas can be shaped by kneading the stems and creating the curve you desire.  

Create a clean cut with a sharp floral knife, cutting the callas to the desired length following the image above.  Set aside the cut off lengths of stems for later use.  Do NOT use scissors.  Dribble water into the stem, filling it with water.  Wet a soft cotton ball and and push it gently upward into the hollow stem with a wooden Cowee stake, creating a plug.  Shorten the wood stake.  Tape the shortened stake to the Calla stem.  Leave enough of the stake beyond the cut end for insertion into the bouquet holder foam.  Do this with each standard calla.

Do the same with the cut off stem, taping the wooden stake so that it is on the top end, not the bottom.  The callas are inserted into the holder by the wooden stake, butting the cut end of the calla against the foam.

Fold over the Ti Leaves, binding the cut ends with green stem wrap.  Lay a wired wood pick against the bottom part of the folded leaf and tape with stem wrap.  Do this for 6 leaves, leaving the other leaves unfolded.  Attach a wood pick at the bottom of the unfolded leaves as well.

Insert the wood stake callas into the bouquet holder on the right side.  Insert the cut off stems with the wooden picks on the lower left side.  Insert the folded leaves in between the calla blooms as shown in the photo.

When finished, lock the stems into place with Floralock Stem Adhesive.  Shaking the can hard before use is a must.  Spray in short bursts, as too much glue can start to drip down over the bouquet handle.

If you haven't designed with calla lilies before, read through the pages of the calla bouquet tutorials before designing.  

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