brooch wedding bouquet

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I sometimes take advantage of Oasis Uglu to attach some of the brooches or larger jewels.  It comes in strips, a roll and dashes (small sections on a paper strip.)  

I personally like the 1" x 3" adhesive strips.  Although professional florists have to buy an entire box of 250 strips, I do make available bags of 50 for smaller projects and other uses for the DIY bride.

Non-toxic and acid free, this unique adhesive bonds securely to most any surface, yet it's easy to peel off if you don't like the placement or want to remove the jewels later without damaging them.

Simply peel the protective paper backing off and press the adhesive (sticky side) to the armature.  Then carefully peel off the other paper backing.  Then press your brooch or crystals directly to the adhesive.

A crystal bridal bouquet can take on a very unique look, depending on what elements you add to it.  For this bouquet tutorial, I'm going to use Oasis Beaded Wire.  The white pearls are spaced apart on fine wire and make it very easy to quickly add a stunning web of pearls on your armature frame.

Don't feel limited to white, however.  Oasis Beaded wire comes in nine beautiful colors and can be used to mix and match to coordinate with your own wedding palette.

This beautiful bouquet jewelry also comes in Mega Beaded Wire.  Similar to the smaller pearls, the bigger pearl size can give quite an impact to your bouquet.  The Mega pearls are also available in the same colors as the regular beaded wire shown above.

The greatest thing about this crystal wedding bouquet armature is the ease at which you can quickly add in your decorating elements.  I begin by twisting the wired pearls to the center of the bouquet frame.

Simply thread the wire through and around the center of the holder and twist the wire around the first pearl.

I then begin weaving the beaded wire up and down the armature, occasionally twisting the pearls around the framework to securely attach the pearls.

Try to keep tension on the wire at all times.  If the beaded pearls were to become loose, it could affect the look of the whole design.

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