bridal bouquet of calla lilies

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A bridal bouquet of calla lilies can be styled different ways.  Consideration should be whether you prefer to use standard callas or miniatures.  To create this calla lily bridal bouquet, you'll be using the large size.

You'll need the following products and supplies:

Calla lilies must be cut with a sharp knife.  If you haven't designed with them before, be sure to browse through all the calla lily bridal bouquet tutorials.  They specify how to knead the stems, prepare them for insertion into foam and more.  Be sure to read how to correctly process fresh flowers.  This is important to the life of the flowers.

Cut the lilies to the right lengths and cut wood stakes to length.  Tape the wooden stakes to the side of the callas with green stem wrap.  This will help stabilize the stem and the wood swells once in the wet foam, ensuring a tighter fit.

Add a wooden pick to each Dieffenbachia leaf.  Insert the leaves as shown in the photograph.  Tuck ming fern in between the leaves and the calla blooms, concealing any foam that shows.

Use Floralock Stem Adhesive, shaking the can thoroughly before attaching the red nozzle.  Fit in between the leaves and flowers and squirt in short bursts in between the stems.  Don't overdo too much at a time or you'll have glue dripping own on the holder.

Once finished, mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Refrigerate until needed.

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