boutonniere prom flowers

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I taped a second miniature carnation bloom, this time choose a tight bud with a tightly closed head.

I placed it a little more to the center, directly in front of the rose and lower than the first carnation.

Tape into place.  You may not want to tape entirely down the stem if you need to cut off excess wire later.

If you've seen some of my other tutorials, you'll know that galax leaf is a rather favorite of mine.  This perfect little leaf has a lot of eye appeal and is shaped perfectly to wrap around a boutonniere.

I placed it to the right side of the boutonniere, snugly under the head of the rose.

Tape into place, going up a little high on the back of the leaf if necessary to fold the leaf tightly against the flower stem.

This creates a nice flare outward from the side of the boutonniere, enhancing the rose beautifully.

The elements of this design are coming along nicely, with the colors providing a deep contrast to one another.

I love the look of lily grass.  It is versatile and easy to work with.  It is wider than bear grass, but you can achieve a similar look without having to buy a bunch of both bear and lily grass.

Simply use your knife or fingernail to start a split at the top of the blade of lily grass.

Pull apart gently until you have two pieces.

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