boutonnieres for prom

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I'm going to use these to put a couple blades on the right side of the rose above the galax leaf.

Tape into place like you did with the other leaves.

Now I'm going to have a little fun adding some pearl accents to this rose boutonniere.  I'll have to cut them into different lengths to get the effect I want.

Pearl pins come in several different color choices, so the end look is up to you.

Make sure all sharp ends are buried deep into the flower heads or stem so no sharp points stick out the back of the boutonniere.

I began adding pearls randomly, pushing some deep against the stems and leaving others out to create an illusion of depth.

Don't be too perfect in your placement.  Cluster some pearl heads close together and some farther apart.

It's easier if you cut a lot of pearls at once rather than each one as you design.

I start out spacing them apart, deciding how far I want the pearls to actually travel down the stem.

Now I begin to cluster a few of the pearl heads closer together.  You can experiment with mixing up colors if you desire.

You can see the random placement as I keep adding more pins.

Some in the middle are deep sunk and fit tightly against the stem.

The pearls will reflect the light and make a beautiful accent in the wedding photos.  You can do the same idea with Diamante Pins if you'd like more of a sparkle rather than the gleam of pearls.

When I'm finished, the pearls add sophistication without getting too "girly" like a bow would.  I left the green stem for contrast against the lapel, yet a satin ribbon wrap would have looked nice as well.

Don't forget to seal the flowers with a good misting of Finishing Touch.  This seals the petals against moisture loss that can occur in regular household refrigerators.  They are designed to pull moisture out of the unit, whereas professional florist coolers put moisture INTO the air.  

This helps greatly with making DIY wedding flowers last longer.

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