boutonniere greenery

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Boutonniere greenery can be as much a part of the design as flowers.  I love to make a boutonniere stand out buy using galax leaves. Galax leaves are a circular leaf with a notch right where the leaf stem is joined.

Spray all greenery with Leafshine to clean the leaves and allow to dry before using.

Tuck the Galax leave into place under the left side of the daisy head.  The broad surface of the galax frames the daisy beautifully.

Tape the galax stem into place with floral tape.  Normally I encourage cutting off excess stems so the final boutonniere stem isn't too bulky, but I will need a little padding on the stem later to push some decorative pins into.

 I'm using just a small bit You may think that willow eucalyptus (weeping bottlebrush) is way too long for boutonniere use!  But this graceful draping green is very hardy and looks good in pew decor, candelabra sprays and altar sprays.  Save back a little for some creative boutonnieres and corsages!

A single branch can do several boutonnieres.

I just nip off a small piece.

Of course I've already sprayed it with Leafshine to help seal it and make it last longer.

I tape it so that the slender leaves cluster together.  

Doing this allows you to tuck it into centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, bridal bouquets and more.

See how it adds a lot of visual interest to the right side of this boutonniere!

Lay the taped bottlebrush right against the boutonniere's existing stem and make sure it peeks above the flower head when viewed from the front.

Now that the greens are all in place, framing this single daisy flower, I'm going to have some fun putting some finishing touches on the taped boutonniere stem.

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