Bouquet filler

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Bouquet filler comes in many different flower varieties.  I'm adding in white hypericum berries for contrast.  These are easily cut into smaller laterals and are available all year round.

Hypericum comes in many different colors, including white, green, pink, red, burgundy and green.  I placed the first cut of the hypericum at the top point next to the first lemon leaf insertion.

I added in more at the bottom and continued to fill up the left side.

Again, a good flower designer makes sure to cover up the mechanics of foam and the plastic portion of the holder.

I followed the hypericum with cuts of wax flower.  This lovely flower comes in shades of pink, hot pink, purple, white and orange (in the fall months).  Many wholesale flower sites require you buy at least five or more bunches.  That is a lot of filler flower!  I sell in single bunches so you purchase only what you need.

The long grassy stems can extend your bouquet design down below the holder.  Extend the wax flower down, until it pleases you on the length of the bouquet design.

I continued to move up towards the top.  If the buds are tight, they will open up as the days pass and present with tiny star-like flowers.  Even those that remain in bud stage add an element of interest that is beautiful in any design.

Take care to maintain the curve of the first leaves.  This is very similar to the Biedermeier look, except in a different shape.  Traditional Biedermeiers are round, with each circle of flower variety being different.

You can see the sweet pink of these tiny blooms are quite a contrast to the deep green of the leaves in this design.

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