blue wedding altar decoration

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This blue wedding altar decoration looks even more impressive if you make two mirror images, one to sit on each side of your altar or mantel.  Keep in mind that these roses are artificially dyed, as roses that are grown in the fields and called "blue roses" are actually a shade of blue violet rather than royal blue.  The tall delphiniums, however, really do grow in that vivid shade of blue!

To create a similar look, you'll need the following products and fresh flowers:

Start by processing your bulk wedding flowers correctly.  Soak the foam in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Secure foam in rectangle holder with waterproof tape.  Arrange the flowers and greens in an "L" shape.  Mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.

Do not attach silver container to vase until delivery to church.  Pour the blue flattened marbles in the vase, line the lip of the vase with white florist clay and then center the arrangement over the vase and press down hard.

If you need more detailed instructions, be sure to check out the step by step centerpiece tutorials and the altar flower tutorials.

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