biedermeier Pew Decoration

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Biedermeier pew decorations are flowers decorated in a circular pattern.  

A rustic pot is a lovely look, but I would recommend that you achieve the same look using a flat backed container made of resin.  It is much lighter to hang from a pew, lays flat against the pew and has pre-drilled holes in the back that you can use to thread a ribbon through to attach the container to the pew.

If you use a traditional clay pot, take care that you secure it well to the pew with heavy duty pew clips so it won't fall to the aisle during the ceremony, as flowers and clay are a heavy combination.  Be sure to line the clay pot as it will have a hole at the bottom.  Either plug it with florist clay or use some type of liner so water doesn't drip out onto the carpet.

To create a similar look, you will need the following flowers and greenery:

Soak the foam in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  If you haven't designed flowers before, be sure to clarify how to process your wholesale wedding flowers.  Please don't skip this step.  Flowers arranged in a home doesn't have the advantage of a walk-in flower cooler.  Therefore it's important to invest a few dollars in the right florist products that will extend the life of your wedding flowers.  

Don't worry, flowers direct from the farm are meant to last 5 to 7 days in normal temperatures.  Treating your flowers correctly will help immensely.  Arrange your flowers and mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Store in cool area away from sunlight until the wedding day.

Take care to continue to add water to the florist foam to replenish what the flowers drink each day.  Do NOT allow the foam to go dry.

If you need more help on the designing part, be sure to check out both the pew tutorials and the centerpiece tutorials to learn how to green and flower in florist foam.

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