babys breath centerpieces

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Babys breath centerpieces can be made up quickly, but first we have to take steps to hide the mechanics.  Using a pair of utility scissors or wire cutters, cut off the long tail of netting from the rest of the ball.

Usually this part can be concealed if you use a covering of standard carnations.

If you are using ONLY the babys breath, then use a corsage pin to secure the tail against the foam sphere.

Can't find Tower vases to rent?  You can also use a Lomey Design System as the base for your topiary.  The system comes in separate pieces, including clear columns in different heights, clear dishes in different sizes for top and bottom and a Universal joint to lock the system together.  

Tape a netted sphere onto the top dish with waterproof tape.

Regardless of what base you use to create your topiaries, the flowering method is the same for all of them.

You can sometimes see through the cloud of babys breath and still see the Oasis sphere.  I usually cover the foam with standard carnations.  If you want a hint of color to show through the baby's breath, use a contrasting color other than white.

Quickly cover the 3 inch ball with the standard carnations.  They don't have to be packed too tightly together, as you are going to be inserting babys breath in between the carnations.

First take some shorter pieces and fill close to the heads of the carnations.

Then lengthen the stems of the gypsophila to create a "cloud" around the tightly flowered center ball. 

Try to keep the stems the same length if you want your round sphere shape.

First insert all around the parimeter, giving your boundaries on the final size of the centerpiece.

Continue to fill in more until covered from all sides.  Step back occasionally, to see how it looks from several feet away.

The density is up to you and depends on whether or not you want the center carnations to be seen.

If the Tower Vase seems to be top heavy, you can add small balls of florist clay

Press down firmly on a 12 inch centerpiece mirror.  This also helps stabilize the vase and ensures that your beautiful babys breath centerpieces stay where they belong no matter how many times your guests bump and jostle their tables!

Be sure to mist your finished designs with Finishing Touch.  This flower sealent helps keep the moisture locked into your flower petals and stay at their peak of freshness all through your wedding day.  Store them in a dark cool room until time to be transported.

For a slightly different way to create a similar baby's breath topiary, check out the Oasis video below:

Be sure to check out more wedding centerpiece tutorials.  There are easy directions for table wreaths, candle centerpieces, long and low designs for rectangle banquet tables and other tall vase designs.  Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the design basics are the same, but you can change the flowers, the color palette or the greenery to suit your own fancy.  That's what being a floral design is all about.