babys breath centerpiece

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A babys breath centerpiece can be easily elevated by using components of a Lomey Design Centerpiece.  For this design, you'll need the following products:

A 3-inch netted Oasis sphere is enough foam to support baby's breath.  The netting is a strong, but flexible, webbing surrounding the foam ball.  This helps keep the integrity of the foam together when the flower stems are inserted.

I used a Lomey Pedestal Rod .

The rod is gently pushed through the foam ball until it comes out the opposite side.

The long length of the extension rod will come out the other side.

Brush away the crumbling foam pushed out by the rod.

You don't want any foam falling down into the column.

Wipe off the foam from the extension rod.  Once the foam is cleared off, wipe off the rod with a dry cloth before putting into the clear column.  You don't want any pieces of the green foam drifting down into the column.

Soak the foam in water treated with a fresh flower food.  Allow the ball to sink naturally below the water line.  Don't force it under the water level in an attempt to soak it faster.  This can create dry pockets in the foam that is bad for any flower stems inserted into it later.

The rod isn't noticeable in the vase, but helps stabilize the centerpiece while the foam is balanced on the top of it.

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