aisle decorations

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Aisle decorations may deceive the eye.  This one looks like a hand tied bouquet, but is actually arranged on a Grande Iglu holder and a pew clip.  

You'll need the following products and supplies to create a similar look:

Float the pew marker in water that has been treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  

The rose stems are cut short and inserted into the tops and sides of the pew marker.

Angle the additional flowers outward and forward, so the design is able to be viewed as a 3 sided arrangement

You can make this aisle decoration from just roses, or alternate the other flowers, such a yellow yarrow.

Don't discard the cleaned stems (be sure to dethorn).  They are cut shorter and insert upward, into the bottom of the pew marker.

Angle the stems as well.  It's not necessary to use every stem, but use enough to give an illusion of a hand tied bouquet resting against the pew.

Plumosa is a feathery fern, and come in long angled stems.

After the flowers are all inserted, insert the slender stems of the plumosa in between from the bottom, draping downward.

Always take care that the foam in the pew is is always completely saturated, replenishing the water by dribbling water from a sink spout if necessary.  Fresh flowers drink a lot of water, so long life is dependent upon the foam being kept wet.

Secure all stems with Floralock Stem Adhesive and then misting well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory to seal the petals.

If you need more help with greening and flowering techniques, be sure to browse through the step by step tutorials for bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

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