Hydrangea bridal bouquet

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The hydrangea bridal bouquet is now completely flowered in.   Now that the flowers are in place and the stems secured in the floral clay and taped in place, the bouquet should look similar to this.

You will need to finish the handle with some type of ribbon, tulle or (in this case) colored aluminum wire.

I love this new decorative tool.  Unlike ribbon (which has to be done right before going to the church), wire isn't affected by water or dirt on the hands.  It can be done days in advance and totally immersed in a water vase with no ill effects.  I LOVE IT!!

The wire is soft and easily manipulated by hands and is soft enough to cut without any trouble.  It comes in a large array of colors to match different wedding palettes.

Before I wind the wire around the handle, I'm going to quickly cover the green with white floral tape.  This isn't a "have to" . . . but I like not having any green show thru under the wound wire.

I would have done this with white, but I liked using the wider floral tape when securing the stems to the handle and it isn't usually available in white.

Starting at the top, I begin winding the colored wire around the top of the stems, directly under the flower heads.

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