wiring pittosporum leaves

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Pittosporum is also a popular greenery used by florists.  This pleasing green can be used in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and church florals, as well as wiring the individual leaves for corages and boutonnieres.

As you can see, a grower's bunch is quite a lot of leaves.  

Adding a variety of greens to your designs give you a pleasing contrast of colors and textures.  

Wire as with the other leaves in this design, pushing the 26 gauge wire through the bottom of the leaf in a stitch pattern.

Bend down the wires.  Here I actually wrapped the wire around the bottom of the leaf stem.

I gave it a quick twist and pulled the wires down straight.

Use green stem wrap to conceal the wire.  Wiring partially up the leaf like this gives you more control over bending and manipulating the leaves when assembling the corsage.

You can see that the corsage becomes much more interesting with the contrast of ivy, ruscus and pittosporum leaves.  I'm going to add in one more greenery, however - a common favorite for florists is leather leaf fern.

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