Winter Wedding Bouquets

Dusty Miller

Here is a closeup of a Dusty Miller leaf.  I often notice that many wholesale sites selling fresh foliage tend to show "perfect" bunches.  I like my customers to be aware that when dealing with fresh products that are not always picture perfect.

There make be a broken rose head, a couple of bruised petals or a hole or two in a leaf.  Professional florists are well aware of these type of imperfections and plan for it.  If you are working as your own florist, be prepared in the same manner.

You can see, however, that the imperfections are really not that noticeable and the leaves can still be used.

I'm aiming for a general oval shape to the final bouquet.

You may have to cut off the shorter laterals on the leaf stem so you have a clean stem to insert into the florist foam.

The soft fuzzy texture and colors are a distinct advantage in the final design.

You can  see I built up a solid frame of these lovely leaves that shaped the final size of the finished bouquets.

The leaves in the center are smaller and can be worked into the center of the design.  Don't discard them simply because of their size.

Notice how to take advantage of the natural curvature of the leaves, curving gently backwards in the design.

The leaves maintain a casual oval shape.

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