Winter Wedding Bouquets

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Carnations are sometimes given a bad rap as wedding flowers.  I find that they are a marvelous filler flower that comes in a wide variety of colors and gives off a delightful light scent.

One stem of miniature carnations usually has 2 - 5 flower heads and buds.

Although slender, the stems can be easily cut apart and tucked in among your other wedding flowers to lend some beauty and contrast.

Note the placement of this miniature carnation on the right hand side upper portion of the bouquet.

Don't remove the buds.  They will open later and add some nice contrast in color and shape.  If you don't use them for your bouquets, set them aside for added interest on the ends of corsages or boutonnieres.

I inserted this stem right at the top of the bouquet.

I added more of these small flower heads in between the roses.

Note the placement of the flower head.

I continuing adding miniature carnations to the design.

I'm maintaining a more open feel between the flowers.

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