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Wholesale Wedding Flowers


It can be a little overwhelming when you begin shopping for wedding flowers online.  Many wholesale sites claim "free shipping" and other enticing lures.  Unfortunately, some insist on large minimum purchases and "wholesale" pricing can sometimes be on the high side.  Shipping is rarely free - since the shipping costs are usually built into that "wholesale" price.

Always compare wedding flower prices, reading the fine print and know exactly what you are paying and why.  I dislike my customers being forced into buying full cases.  Who really needs ten bunches of baby's breath?  (That's a whole lotta baby's breath!)

So unless you are making large church florals or a large amount of table centerpieces, I suggest you buy in single bunches, mixing up your flower varieties and greenery.  I didn't start out with the intentions of selling fresh flowers through my online store, but I thought my customers should have more variety choices without blowing their entire budget on one single flower.

I sell everything you need in one place - fresh flowers, greenery, hard goods (bouquet holders, flower foam, florist containers, fresh flower products,etc) and give you step by step flower tutorials (see the bottom of this page) so that you have the ability to create gorgeous designs just like a professional florist.  After all - if you aren't really saving money - why go to all that trouble?

Labor is generally a high expense in the cost of flowers.  Realize that most flower shops mark up their wholesale cost of the flowers and greenery by three times their cost.  THEN they add on another 50% to 100% for the labor cost.  Don't be upset with the flower shops - they have a lot of overhead expenses such as running a large refrigeration unit and paying employees.

My markup is generally my cost doubled - and the hard goods about 70%.  (I can't maintain a website or make a living without a markup).  I try to keep my costs affordable while actually allowing the DIY bride to save money if she rolls up her sleeves and is willing to provide the labor.

I'm upfront with my customers about the shipping.  I try to charge what it costs me to pay someone to pack and ship it for me.  One customer couldn't understand why a "little bitty corsage bracelet" cost more to ship than to buy.  I had to explain that FedEx doesn't care what's in the box.  They pick it up from the warehouse and pay a driver and trucking expense to deliver it across the country to her doorstep.  I cannot sell a small item for $4.00 - whereas I make about $2.80 - and then absorb the shipping cost of $11.00 to send it to her.  Business just doesn't work that way.  I would soon be out of business at that rate!  LOL!

The more you buy, the more reasonable the shipping cost becomes.  You can see that reflected in other large online sites such as Amazon, whereas free "two day shipping" doesn't apply until you have a minimum order.

Fresh flowers have to be shipped overnight.  None of the large shipping firms like FedEx have refrigerated trucks.  If they did - the shipping costs would be exorbitant for a single buyer.  Instead, we take the dry pack flowers that came straight from the farm, pack in ice bags and overnight directly to your doorstep.  If taken in immediately and processed correctly, your flowers will take up water and be lovely for another 5 - 7 days (depending on the flower).

I have many flowers available, including freesia.  It is available in shades of purple, lavender, pinks, yellow, oranges and white.  It is available all year round.

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