white wedding bouquet

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This white wedding bouquet features Gerbera daisies.  Take care with the softer stem - they crush easily.  Store in water that is only and inch or so above the cut stem, as the stems can get soft and bacteria laden if the water is too high.

Always cut the stems with a sharp knife.  Scissors may crush the stem cells, keeping them from uptaking water properly.  Gerbera Straws are usually a packing item, used to keep Gerberas stems from breaking during transport.  They can, however, be slipped over the stem and used to keep the stems straight and easily pierce the florist foam, giving extra stem support to the heavy flower heads.

If you don't use the straws, insert each stem gently into the foam, taking care to work it in with your fingers close to the foam surface.  It may help to use stem wrap down the stem, giving it more strength without crushing.  If necessary, you may make a starting hole in the foam with one of the wooden picks.

Float-soak Oasis® Bouquet Holder in floral-nutrient water. Arrange flowers and foliages in foam and secure stems into bouquet holder with Floralock Stem Adhesive. Cut ribbon into 8” lengths and fold into two loops. Attach loops to wooden picks and tape with floral tape to prevent wicking of water. Insert picks into foam to create a ribbon collar. Spray entire arrangement with Finishing Touch or Clear Crowning Glory®, making sure to completely coat the fronts and backs of the flowers. Allow to dry and then refrigerate until delivery.

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