Make a Wrist Corsage

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Spray roses are a favorite for corsage and boutonniere work.  The smaller heads still open to imitate a full blown garden rose.

Like standard roses, the guard petals are left in place when the spray roses are packed for dry shipment.  You'll want to leave these outer petals on until you are ready to design so they will protect the inner perfect petals of the miniature rose.

Be sure to wash your hands before handling delicate flower heads.  Oils from your fingers can transfer to flower petals, causing them to brown and discolor early.

Peal down the rose petals until you uncover a perfect rose.

Spray roses tend to open quickly, but have good holding power.  I always recommend refrigerating roses if possible.  Just turn your fridge warmer than normal.  Household refrigerators tend to be colder in the back and can actually freeze flowers if you aren't careful.

Cut the stems off right at the base of the flower head so you can apply the floral adhesive.

Don't be afraid of a good blob on the base of the flower.  Give it a few seconds to set up before applying it to the corsage bracelet.

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