white cascade bouquet

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This white cascade bouquet is filled with very simple flowers.  The instructions below are for a rose cascade, but the techniques are the same even if you change what type of flowers you use. 

Supplies Needed:

Begin framing in the outer dimensions of the bouquet by inserting myrtle as shown below.

As you fill in, the myrtle begins to angle outward, then closer to the center until the middle is reached.  There you shorten the myrtle stems and having them coming straight out from the center of the bouquet holder.

Insert two white roses in the center, one tilted slightly upward and the lower one tilting slightly downward.

Cut longer stems for the outer diameter, with the flower heads facing a completely 90 degree angle from the center roses.

As you add more roses, take note that the flower heads extend just slightly beyond the tips of the greenery.

Fill in the "open" spots, but leave enough room between the roses to insert the miniature roses later.

Spray roses are sold in grower's bunches of ten stems and usually have between 3 to 5 flower heads on each stem.

Cut the laterals of the spray roses apart and begin inserting them in between the larger rose heads.

Once you are satisfied with the entire bouquet, attach the red straw to the Floralock nozzle and shake vigorously before using.  This helps aerate the glue and makes sure you take advantage of all the adhesive.

Once finished, mist well with a flower sealant, such as Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory and mist well and allow to dry before placing in a refrigerator.

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