wedding table centerpieces

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Wedding table centerpieces can be easily adapted to change the color or flower varieties.  All you need to know is the basics to create a long centerpiece as shown in the photo below.  For this design, you'll need the following flowers and florist products:

Oasis Raquettes come in different lengths to accommodate the length of your wedding tables.  Standard banquet tables are usually 6 foot to 8 foot in length.  These floral foam bricks come in from a 12 inch spray bar, and up to  18 inches, 27 inches and 36" inch lengths called raquettes.  They can be placed end to end down a long table or spread out, with candles, votives and other table decorations in between the flowers.

Each raquette is a piece of Max-Life Florist foam with a build in tray, overwrapped with a thin layer of polyfilm.  This film is perforated so that it easily soaks up nutrient treated water, while keeping down the evaporation of water in both indoor and outdoor receptions.

If you need a detailed tutorial for long tables, including a detailed one for greening and flowering raquettes. read through the beginning tutorials for long centerpieces.  This will give you more ideas of what method you would prefer, or simply order a custom made greenery garland to stretch down your tables.  You can add watertubed flowers down the length and lay them on your tables the night before.

Never be stuck in a rut simply because you don't like the colors.  I always tell my brides to think flower design first, then choose the flower varieties and colors to best suit your dream wedding!

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