wedding pomander

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A wedding pomander is usually carried by the smaller attendants, such as the flower girls.  You can, however, lengthen the flower stems to create a bigger pomander for your attendants as well.

This pomander is completely covered in button mums.  You'll need the following products, floral supplies and fresh flowers:

Soak the florist sphere in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Allow it to sink slowly.  Forcing it under could cause dry spots inside the ball.  Many florists like to cut the stems very short and attach with pearl headed pins.  If you do this, order Oasis Flower Adhesive instead of the Floralock and dip each pin in the glue tube and then into the button and on into the foam.  The Flower Adhesive locks in place even in wet foam.

Otherwise, use the stems to insert into the foam ball and lock in place with floralock.  Mist the finished pomander with a flower sealant and keep refrigerated if possible.

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