wedding pomander

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This wedding pomander is a blend of roses in muted peaches and ivories.  Don't feel limited to those colors, however, as you can easily substitute other roses to match your own wedding palette.

To create a similar flower ball, you will need the following fresh flowers, flower products and other hard goods:

Always start by processing your wholesale flowers correctly.  Using the recommended products will increase the life of your flowers, especially if you don't have the advantage of a walk in humid flower cooler.

Float soak the netted sphere in water that has been treated with the correct amount of Crystal Clear flower food.  Tie the ribbons through the netted wire supporting the sphere.  This is optional, but I STILL would reinforce the foam ball with waterproof tape.  That just means wrapping the tape a few times around the ball to keep the foam stability.  This is a lot of stems inserted into the foam and you want to preserve the integrity so it doesn't crumble.  Using Floralock Stem Adhesive also helps keeping those flower from falling out, because the have such short stems.

Create a bow at the top and a long loop on which the attendant can use as a handle to carry the sphere.  Make sure the sphere doesn't go dry, but re-wet it by dribbling water on it each day.  This is the flower's water source, so you must be sure it doesn't dry out.

Mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Allow to dry, and refrigerate if possible.  If not, keep in a cool dark area.

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