Wedding Head Table

The wedding head table is ready for the party!  Finishing the table decor was much faster since I already had a lot of the work (the mechanics, construction and the greening) already done.   I quickly tucked in leather leaf fern under and around the arrangements, making them look like one long table piece.

I tucked a few flower jewels in to sparkle in the light and add a lovely touch for a photo closeup.

You can see I kept the piece low - level with the tops of the chair back.  I wanted the wedding party to be able to look out at their guests without any obstruction in their line of sight.

Even though many of these pieces were separate, they all look like one continuous piece.  I tucked in a few wine goblets, added water and floating candles.  I arranged for these to be lit right before the guests arrived after the ceremony was over.

Pulling back, you can see the lovely draping and soft mix of the flowers that the bride used on her other table centerpieces.

This table for set only for four, but the same theme could be done down a longer stretch of tables.

Here's a look from the other end of the table.   Always take care to stage what is BEHIND your bridal table as well.  An ugly brick wall or electrical wires hanging down can distract from a lovely photo of the bride and groom.

I ALWAYS finish with a good misting of Finishing Touch.  This flower sealant helps lock moisture in the flower petals and keeps them fresh longer (especially if they are cut and without a water source).

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