wedding flower decoration

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A wedding flower decoration for the front of a large church needs to be big to be impressive.  That means you need to use big flowers!  Oriental lilies and hydrangeas are perfect in this large spray, that also features a mix of greenery for a large, one-sided floral.

To create a similar look, you will need the following hard goods, florist supplies and fresh flowers:

Always start by processing your wholesale wedding flowers the right way.  Please don't ignore the recommended floristry products.  They make all the difference in helping your flowers stay beautiful right up to and throughout your wedding day.  Most DIY brides don't have large walk-in coolers to store their flowers like a florist does.

Don't worry - because farm fresh flowers delivered to your door are conditioned to last 5 - 7 days if treated correctly and fed with flower food and lots of water.  Don't ever allow your foam to go dry.  Those are living plants and need water and food to stay looking their best!

Read through the tutorial for large urn designs.  You'll see how florists use smaller urn containers or disposable maches and then pack filler around to keep the centerpiece in place.  This also allows you to make the design in a shorter container (which makes it much easier for delivery!) and then slip it into the larger container once delivered to the church.  If necessary, you can then insert some of the flowers that may be too tall to fit into your delivery van.

Once finishing with the greening and flowering, use Floralock Stem Adhesive to secure the stems snugly to the foam.  Mist well with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Replenish the water in the foam if it seems dry.

Be sure to browse through the centerpiece and altar flower tutorials for more hints and florist design tips.

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