wedding flower decoration

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This wedding flower decoration would be a lovely way to greet your guests as they pause to sign the guest book or to grace a front church altar.  The flowers can be easily changed to match your own wedding color palette.

To create a similar look, you'll need the following hard goods, florist supplies and fresh flowers:

Always start by processing your flowers correctly.  Don't skip the products, as they will ensure that your flowers have the longest life possible.  I'm not trusting enough to use "homemade remedies" that you can find on too many DIY websites.  These products are cheap, go a long way and really truly extend the life of those precious flowers.

If you need more detailed help for designing and greening, be sure to browse through the centerpiece and altar decoration step by step tutorials.  You will learn everything from blocking in foam to extending tall flowers.

Soak the foam in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Block the foam in the container, taping it in place with waterproof tape.  Green in the foam, arrange the flowers and then mist thoroughly with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  It's a good idea to use Floralock Stem Adhesive to keep the tall flowers locked in place.  Do not allow the foam to go dry.

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