wedding flower decoration

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This large wedding flower decoration would work well for the front of a church, to grace a buffet table or use as outdoor wedding flowers.  The cool leafy palms set off the white standard callas and glorious trails of draping ivy.  If you've never create this large of floral design, it would be wise to read through the step by step tutorial for large wedding urns.  You'll see how a "no show" mache container is what contains the foam while the larger urn is weighted and packed with paper to hold the smaller container in place.

You have to do it this way or the urn would be too heavy and too large to transport.

To create a similar flower design, you'll need the following florist supplies, flower products and fresh flowers:

Large florals like these have to have the arrangement and the container delivered as separate pieces, otherwise it may be too big to carry and may not fit in your delivery vehicle.

Start by processing your flowers correctly.  Use the flower food with the flowers only, not the greenery.  Just rinse and place in buckets of fresh water.  Don't let the callas rest in too deep of water, or the stems may soften and cause early bacteria growth.  Just cover the end ends with a couple two or three inches of water.

Tape a support stake to each side of the large standard Callas with the wide stem wrap.  This will help support these heavy flowers with the delicate stems.  Never cut flower stems with scissors.  You crush delicate cells and may cause difficulty in the stem water uptake.

Block the florist foam in and tape into container.  Once you are finished greening, spray with LeafShine.  Don't spray the flowers, as the can has propellant and it can freeze delicate flowers.  Add in the flowers as shown.  Mist flowers and greens with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.