Wedding Flower Centerpiece

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It's amazing how a few mixed greens can change from a "ho hum" arrangement into something wonderful - even before you've added in the flowers!

Look at your arrangement from all angles, making sure there are no large gaping holes, yet leaving enough room to easily insert stems of fresh flowers.

If you wish to lengthen the arrangement, simply lengthen the stems of the greens you insert into the foam.  

If the arrangement is to be placed on a table, keep the greens low enough that your guests can see each other's faces across the table.

A view from the top shows a well balanced arrangement with a variety of textures and colors.  You can green in advance and wait to insert flowers if you wish.  Greenery usually outlasts fresh flowers - even out of a cooler.

Remember that greenery is cut when received and placed in water that has NOT been treated with flower food (too much food tends to turn greenery yellow).

Seal greenery after arranging, but before adding flowers with a leaf polish such as Chrysal Leaf Shine.

Greenery sometimes looks a little splotchy and dull.  This happens when the water it stands in is hard and contains minerals.  Leafshine gives the greenery a polished, clean and shiny look with a glossy finish.

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