Wedding Flower Bouquets

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As a professional, I've been delighted with the introduction of the decorative wire by Oasis.  It comes in a wide range of colors that can easily compliment any color scheme.

The new Diamond Wire is also a welcome addition to the selection.

The wire adds a lovely decorative accent to any bouquet or corsage.  Best of all, it's impervious to water or dirt, and can be dunked in water without any harm to the wire!

It is truly a florist's dream come true!  It comes on a generous 39 ft. spool and creates a very unique look to the bouquet handles.

This bouquet sported a sleek handle design that any bride would love to carry down the aisle.  The hooked wire is covered with leaves or other material to hide the bottom of the bouquet holder.

As a professional, I want all of my bouquets beautiful from every angle!  This bouquet turned out lovely with the sporty blue wire handle.

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