Wedding Flower Bouquets

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Ordering wedding bouquet flowers means you have to pay attention to both the season and what varieties you are buying.  Many DIY brides are concerned about getting the flowers "too early" and worry they won't be good on the wedding day.  Truly fresh dry pack flowers are meant to last many days in normal temperatures.

Some even need extra time to open to their full beauty - like Oriental lilies.

Oriental lilies have long lasting power.  They are dry packed and shipping in tight bud form to keep them from being damaged.

This time lapse took many days for the lilies to open this full.  Be sure to remove the yellow pollen as the heads open or they can stain the white petals and any fabric or furniture they come in contact with.

Don't confuse Oriental lilies with Asiatics.  Orientals are larger and have a strong scent.  Asiatics are smaller, yet very long lasting and are sometimes suitable for smaller bouquets that an Oriental might overwhelm with it's size.

Orientals come in white, and varying shades of pink, from very pales to a deep hot pink.  They are available year round.  Their color can be enhanced with sheer flower tint sprays.  Be sure to use tints intended for fresh flower use, since regular paint can damage flower petals.

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