Wedding Flower Bouquets

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Wedding flower bouquets sometimes need a sizzle of a darker color.  I want to add in Matsumoto Asters (also known as China Asters) in the bouquet for a pop of color.  I went with a dark hot pink as a good contrast against the lighter pink of the Oriental lilies.

This lovely flower sometimes has a bent neck.  Don't mistake that for wilting - it is simply a characteristic of the flower.  You can straighten it by wiring if you choose.

These asters come on single headed bloom.

Insert the aster in between the other flower heads.

I wired this flower head to give it a longer stem and faced it outward.

Insert another aster high above the middle flowers and face upwards.

I placed the last one in on the left side, facing outwards.

You can see there is good color contrast - but still stays with the pink theme.

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