Wedding Flower Bouquets

Comparing Bouquet Holders

Over the years bridal bouquet holders have changed in size and shape.  Recently introduced was the new European bouquet holders by Oasis.

The larger foam sports both a round and square shape.  It was primarily developed for the European Pave look.

I hate to limit these fabulous bouquet holder to just this style.  I created some beautiful traditional designs, taking advantage of the larger foam head to support a large amount of flowers.

For bulky handties, this is a great way for a awesome look without having to carry a bouquet with the handle the size of a club!

See below for an example of the Pa've style.

The foam head is a generous depth and gives great water support for larger flowers that just don't hold up well in hand tied designs, yet wilt quickly without a water source.  (Think hydrangeas, lilies and peonies!)

Big, thick stems are hard to fit into a small bouquet holder foam head, but this hefty bouquet holder is up to the task no matter what size the flower stem!

I hold this holder in my hand so you can have an idea of just how big the design surface really is!

Yet it is balanced well and securely glued to a foam-backed holder with a sturdy handle.