Wedding Flower Bouquets

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Bouquet jewelry is a hot design item for today's brides.  Why should only the dress have the sparkle?  These three brooches are made by Lomey and come six to a package in each style.

The brooch heads are large enough to make a good show, even against very large flower heads.

The picks are long enough to insert into the foam and have a long enough shank to place it exactly where you want it.

Tilt and angle the brooches to give interest to the design.

On the top I actually faced the brooch upwards.

The shank can be bent if you need for the brooch face to be in a different direction.

Spread the flower jewels out across the entire bouquet.

I clustered some smaller flower jewels on the right side.

I lengthened a brooch with a wire in order to put it down farther on the cascade.

Don't forget the top and sides that can be viewed by the guests as the bride moves down the aisle.

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