Wedding flower baskets

Wedding flower baskets need to have the foam fitted tightly into the basket before adding the greenery or flowers.  The bottoms of the baskets aren't always completely flat, so you have to be sure the wires are snug and tight.

Take the wires that are pushed through the bottom and surrounding the container

Tighten with needle nose pliers so that the foam and the container is solidly attached to the basket.

Do the same with the second set of wires on the opposite end of the brick of Oasis foam.

You should be able to tip the basket over an the container sits tightly without moving.

I'm going to begin greening with leather leaf fern.  This versatile green is a staple in all flower shops.  The average grower's bunch is approximately 20 -25 stems.  Watch where you purchase this online, because some wholesale flower sites are splitting bunches and only giving you 10 -15 stems and then insisting you buy a minimum purchase of 5 bunches or more to buy from them.  Always be sure to read the fine print.

I sell greens and flowers straight out of a working floral distributor, so my bunches are the same as florist's buy.

The laterals are easily to split off into separate pieces or use as a total stem.

If you do separate the laterals from the main stem, make a clean cut with a florist knife so the piece inserts cleanly into the floral foam.

Since this is a large fireside basket, I'm inserting a total stem into one end of the florist foam.  Angle upwards slightly, so the the leather points downward, spilling gracefully from the basket.

The basket's overall length will be determined by the length of the greenery.

Put the third stem on the opposite the second.

Start shortening your stem lengths as you move onto the top of the florist bar.

Also start angling the stems upward.  You can green all wedding flower baskets the same way, whether you are designing a small basket or a large one.  Just scale down for the smaller baskets.

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