wedding flower arches

Lush wedding flower arches can be the single most costly wedding decoration.  Add in the labor of a reputable flower shop and the cost can run $2000 or higher.  You can bring down the price by providing your own labor.  Designing the arch isn't hard . . . it's basically cut and poke.  

However, the setup and fact that many arches are designed on location with the help of skilled florists is what makes the $$ run upward.  Using greenery (especially large leaves) and substituting cheaper flowers can still look "ultra luxurious" while carrying a much less expensive price tag.

Carnations, chrysanthemums, baby's breath and alstroemeria are very durable flowers that hold up well for outdoor weddings and can still look gorgeous.  Remember your guests are sitting back from usually at least 10 foot . . . and it's the colors and masses that cause that "OMG!!" look from a distance.

Another alternative is to create several clusters and swags of flowers with large tropical greens rather than a total mass of blooms only covering the wedding arch.

Needed Supplies and Products for this  all rose Wedding Arch:

Get a little more creative with wedding flower arches.  Don't fall for the idea that every flower has to have a high price tag to have an expensive  "designer look".  Top flower designers encourage closely bunched flowers because that takes minimum skill to design the structure, but it quickly inflates the overall price. 

To simulate peonies or hydrangeas, cluster carnations or spider mums.  Add longer lines with snapdragons.  Asiatic lilies are affordable and hold up well.  Make the overall presentation seem larger with lots of leather leaf fern or tropical greenery.  To make baby's breath seem bigger, cluster several stems together.

Always move back when viewing the overall arch and take a look from your guest's viewpoint.

Brides always sigh over the lush mounds of blooms that are crowded so tight you can hardly admire separate seeing single blossoms.  Keep in mind, however that towering vases and hundreds of blooms in each piece that grace designer magazines come with a hefty price tag. Those type of flower designs will literally run your flower budget up into thousands of dollars.  That makes the average bride sigh, close the magazine and figure that a gorgeous display is only for the rich.

Make smarter flower (inexpensive) choices, enlist the help of some friends (who hopefully all aren't in the wedding party) and do some money crunching BEFORE you hit that online "Buy" button.  (Hint:  not all "wholesale" flower sites really save you money).  Be realistic . . . but you may find that the look of your dream wedding is more affordable than you think.

Be careful - some wholesale sites discourage you by charging higher prices for greens - and then splitting bunches.  They are in business to sell flowers - not greenery.  Always look to the fine print to see how many stems you are getting and then compare sites.  "Free Shipping" is probably padded into the price somewhere - perhaps by getting less number of stems.  They may also have minimum purchases, requiring you to buy large amounts.

If you have more questions on wedding flower arches - feel free to ask questions.

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