Wedding Flower Arches

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Wedding flower arches are popular for outdoor ceremonies.  Considerations of the climate and outdoor temperatures predicted for your wedding date will help you consider what flowers to choose.  

To create a massed arch, you can use large floral cages that are attached to the arch with wire or chenille stems.  Depending on the number of flowers, you can place the cages end to end or space out a bit more for less flowers.  Keep in mind that the water source is important for the life of the flowers.  

When spacing the cages farther apart, you need to keep the flower stems longer on each end to create a massed, unbroken look.  If looking from the side, if you inserted a hydrangea on one end of the first cage, then angled two roses from the end of the second cage, from a front view it would look like a solid mass of flowers.

To create a look similar to the picture below, you will need these florist hard goods and fresh flowers.  Keep in mind you can substitute different flower varieties or colors to suit your own tastes:

The hydrangeas do best if inserted into water tubes.  Fill the tube, and put a thin line of adhesive around the top of the rubber stopper.  Insert the tubes into the foam on site.  You can flower in ahead of time if you wish, but be sure to attached your bind wire or your chenille stems to the cages first.  It's easier than trying to do it after the flowers are inserted.

Floralock Stem Adhesive will keep your flowers in place during delivery and attachment.  Mist well with the flower sealant and again after placing the flowers on the arch.

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