wedding church florals

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Wedding church flowers can be made in either silk or fresh.  Although the tutorial shown on these pages is with silk, the steps and construction is the same as you would in fresh.  The only difference is that you would use a fresh flower foam cage that is soaked in water before using.

For the silk design, I attached a dry Sahara brick to the candelabra stand with florist clay.  Since the flowers are very lightweight, this is an easy way to attach the foam.  Wet foam cages, on the other hand, are very heavy with water and need to be secured with paddle wire.

The first linier flower in fresh could be something like gladiolus.  Insert the first step on the top, angeled towards the right.

Insert a balance flower on the lower left, angeling outward.

Fill out your design shape with more flower stems, in effect fleshing out the shape of your final design.

Two more shorter stems on the upper left, and lower right, starts becoming a balanced floral.

Next I insert shorter stems, now in the front face of the floral cage, facing forward to give dimension to the flower design.

Place another shortened stem on the lower right front face of the foam.

The larger focal flowers, such as peonies, are coming straight out the front and becoming the focus of the candelabra design.

I then added another large headed flower - a white Asiatic lily.  The first lily's stem is inserted into the bottom, with the flower facing downward.

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