wedding Chair decorations

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Something as simple as a single rose with flowing ivy make a dramatic impact on your wedding aisle.  You'll need the following supplies:

As a florist, my first consideration is always to keep the flowers as fresh as possible (especially for outdoor weddings).  These small clamps provide a firm attachment of the water tubes to either wedding chairs or church pews.  

Fill the water tubes and replace top lid.  Cut your ivy strands into different lengths. 

Lay one end of ivy against bottom of water tube and tape into place with the green stem wrap.

Continue to stagger cuts of ivy up the water tube, taping each one firmly against the tube.  Do NOT block the bottom hole of the tube that is needed to fit into the pew clip.

Once you've placed several pieces of ivy facing downware, you are going to place a stem or two pointing upward.  Place a stem of ivy against the back of the water tube, standing straight up as shown.  Tape into place with stem wrap.  

Place another piece or two pieces of greenery until you have long strands at both the top and bottom as shown.  Mist well with Finishing Touch and store in cool area.

If you wish, spray paint the brown clamps a different color or ribbon wrap if desired.  On wedding day, insert the single rose and more ivy into the water tube until the flower is firmly set and doesn't move.  Snap the water tube into the clamp and attach the flower and clamp set at the venue onto the pews or wedding chairs.

Mist well with Finishing Touch.

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