wedding cakes with fresh flowers

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Wedding cakes with fresh flowers usually mimic the same colors and flowers of the bridal and attendants bouquets.  This sweet lavender design has a lovely scent, as blue roses and lilacs both give off a distinct scent.

To create this bouquet, you will need the following flowers and hard good:

Always start by processing your flowers correctly upon arrival.  This ensures that your flowers will live longer and keep their beauty up to and including the wedding day.

Draw up a sink full of cool water and add a few drops of bleach.  Allow your flowers to be immersed and then allowed to drip dry on clean paper towels.

Misty the flower blooms with Finishing Touch and allow to dry.  Your flowers are now ready to be prepared to be shortened, adding the toothpicks and taping with a clean, unused roll of stem wrap.  Read through the step by step tutorial for preparing your flowers.

Soak the Iglu Holder in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  There is a video tutorial showing how to insert the flowers into the cage.  Use the photo below as a guide to the placement of the flowers.

The rest of the flowers can be wired individually and inserted as clusters cascading down the cake.

Don't forget the leaves.

Individual petals (such as the hydrangeas) can actually be "glued" in place with a dab of icing.

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