wedding cakes with fresh flowers

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Wedding cakes with fresh flowers as the one below is very minimalistic and dainty with just a few lightweight sprigs of Baby's Breath.    Don't choose a cake because of the flower varieties or color, as they can easily be changed to reflect your own color palette.

To create this look, you'll need the following:

Flowers must be carefully prepared to make them as sanitary as possible before insertion into a cake.  After you have done the initial processing of flowers and allowed the Baby's Breath time in a bucket to fully open, select the stems that you wish to use on your cake. 

Draw a sink of cool water and add a few drops of household bleach.  Allow the bloomed Baby's Breath to rest the in clean water bath for at least 10 minutes.  Remove each stem, rinse under clear water and rest it on a paper towel on a clean baking sheet.  Do NOT put it back in a bucket as to do so would risk re-contamination. These flowers can be gently laid in a clean container for transport. Take paper towels and wipe each flower end before lightly inserting the stem between the cake layers.

Wash each carnation you use in a similar manner, then insert a double ended wood toothpick into the bloom.  Use the toothpick to insert into the cake to hold the carnation in place.  You can lay a small circle of wax paper on which the carnation can rest upon at the top of the cake.

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