wedding cake with pink flowers

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This wedding cake with pink flowers can be decorated very quickly on the wedding day, especially if you take the time to prepare your flowers in advance.  You may use the green leaves on your flower stems, but take the time to attach each to a toothpick so you may insert them into the cake exactly where needed on your design.

After giving your flowers a rinse in a tepid water bath, lay to dry on paper towels.  Mist with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory and allow to completely dry.

Prepare your flowers by attaching a toothpick to each as directed in the link above.

To create this look, you'll need these flowers for the cake topper:

Use any unopened buds as well as the leaves on your cake.  This cluster is inserted one flower at a time into the middle layer of the cake, one set on both sides.

For each cluster on both sides, you'll need:

As you move down, you'll note that the flower clusters get a little bigger by adding an additional rose bud.

For this third layer, you'll need three sets of the following:

The bottom layer on the left has the most flowers of all.  For each side you'll need:

If you have enough flowers left, create another cluster on the opposite side on the bottom layer.

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