wedding cake table decoration

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Your wedding cake table decoration can be simple and elegant.  Decide first what size of table you plan for your wedding cake to be displayed on.  Will it be round or square?  Large enough for additional flower designs or only enough for a circle of flowers around the base of the wedding cake.

This decor is all about simplicity.  From the 

The smooth white fondant is accented with a mirror tiled wrap around the bottom of each cake layer.  

You can create a similar look in an inexpensive way by wrapping a bling ribbon around the base of the cake.

Various Colors and Styles of Bling Ribbon

Read the descriptions carefully.  Most of these type of decorations are not rated to be food safe, so you need to put a barrier between the ribbon and the cake icing, such as wax flower.

Fondant molds can put a 3 dimensional look on top of the smooth surface of the icing.

You can also purchase ready made fondant, if you are planning on making your own wedding cake or having a friend do it.  Wilton Cakes has a large range of products and tutorials to help make a wedding cake easier.

Wilton Wedding Cake Products

From cake pans to ready to apply fondant, you may find that making a wedding cake is actually doable!

If you just want to stick to the cake table decorations, let's move on to the flowers and greenery on the cake table.  This table is a study in simplicity, from the white table to the ring of baby's breath around the base of the cake itself.

The delicate garland of greens are actually Smilax Garland.  These arrive fresh and ready to drape off the cake table.

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