wedding cake flowers

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Fresh wedding cake flowers like those on this cake are easy to use on decorating this simple cake.  You will need the following to create this cake topper:

It's worth your time to read how to prepare your flowers for insertion into your cake.  It details how to clean your flowers and prepare them for sanitary insertion into a food product.

The framework for the arch cake topper is made with the Oasis Decorative Wire.  It is very easy to bend and create a framework for this each cake topper. 

 Measure out the size of arch that you want for your topper, then double it over.  With white stem wrap tape a wooden toothpick to each end of this rounded arch.  These are what you will bury into the top of the cake. 

Tie a wired ribbon to the center of the archway.  Wired ribbon allows you to create bends and ripples that will stay in place.

Cut the florets of the blue delphinium, adding one at a time to the arch with your floral adhesive.  Once the whole arch is covered with delphinium, begin cutting and gluing the florets off the stock flower to the arch.

Eventually your arch will be completely covered with blue and white florets of each flower variety.   Save some of the delphinium (usually the tops) to be taped to a toothpick with white stem wrap and insert these around the arch once it is in place.

Insert toothpicks in your roses, slide on a wax paper circle and cluster the  roses under the arch.  Tape some ends of wired ribbon to toothpicks and insert them under the rose on the right side.

Insert a few more roses on the sides of your cake, each with a toothpick embedded into the flower and the cake, with a wax paper circle in between each, protecting the frosting.

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