wedding cake flowers

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Wedding cake flowers on each layer of this elegant wedding cake are simple, yet have a lovely scent from each Oriental lily.

To create this look, you will need the following fresh flowers, greenery and products:

Read through the step by step tutorial for preparing your flowers for insertion into cakes.  

Wash all your flowers to be used on the actual cake in a tepid bath, taking care to remove all the pollen stems that later could stain your cake.  Insert the toothpicks and wrap with white stem wrap.  Mist all flowers with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory and allow to dry.

For each cake topper, set aside 2 Oriental lily blooms, 2 red roses, 1 stem hot pink stock (cut into sections) and a bit of purple larkspur.  You may decide to only put 1 Oriental lily bloom on the very top and second from the top layers.

For the rest of the flowers, remove the pollen stamens and then arrange them in the utility container, starting with a tall standing Oriental Lily in the back and staggering down for the centerpiece to be placed in close to the pedestals of the cake.  If yo need more help with flower design, be sure to read through the step by step centerpiece tutorials found at the beginning Centerpiece Gallery.

Tape toothpicks to the green spengeri and insert deeply into the centerpiece in the middle and allow to drape down off the cake table, as well as a bit coming out on the right side of the bottom layer of the cake.

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